On-Ear Vs. Over-Ears: A Review of iPod Accessories


There are many types of headphones, the most common being on-ear headphones, over-ear headphones, earbuds and in-ear headphones. Many people prefer using on-ear headphones because they don't block your ears from other sounds and they are very comfortable to wear. On-ear headphones are usually smaller than over-ear headphones, and they tend to be more passive than active. You have to push them into your ears gently and roll them over to form a seal with your ears.

Many people are not very fond of on-ear headphones because they tend to clog up your ears. They can also be quite restrictive because they can be snug against your ears, and you will want them to be able to move around a bit. However, these types of headphones are generally used for casual listening, and you shouldn't notice any problems with them unless you're listening to really loud music or noises. If you are listening to really loud music on your headphones, you might find that your ears start to hurt after a while.

Many people often prefer Over-ears. They tend to be a bit more portable than on-ears because they are placed over the top of the head. The downside to them is that they can get trapped in your hair, which is inconvenient. People who prefer the portability of over-ears usually like the in-ears because they are less likely to get caught up in your hair while wearing them. The wires of the in-ears can also make them less portable.

Bluetooth headphones are popular because they don't need wires to connect with your computer or phone. The advantage of Bluetooth headphones is that they are hands-free. Plus, they are small and can be worn around your neck, in addition to being convenient to have around. If you want to check your email or take a call with your phone, then an over-ear style of headphones is great for you; however, if you wish for hands-free sound, then Bluetooth is your style.

Bluetooth headphones offer the best sound quality, and they are extremely compact. Because the Bluetooth technology links up the two devices later (this is done through radio waves), the sound quality is top-notch. Some people will say that they don't notice any difference in sound quality over the wireless connection. Still, anyone who has tried using Bluetooth headphones knows a significant difference in sound quality.

On-ear headphones offer the most portability and lightweight options. These types of headphones use the shape of your ear canal to keep them in place when you are not wearing them. Plus, you do not have to adjust to the fit of your headphones because they cradle around your ears. One downside of these headphones is that the actual drivers within the headphones may be at a distance from the existing speakers causing some slight interference with your sound. Additionally, you need to ensure that you don't run these headphones without the volume at full blast; otherwise, the music sounds thin and may not be very audible.

Over-ear headphones are the standard for many people because they are comfortable and easy to use. Plus, you do not have to make any adjustments to fit your ears; therefore, they are the most compact type of headphones. Unlike on-ear headphones, over-ear headphones offer far more freedom of movement for those who enjoy listening to their music while moving around. However, over-ear headphones are usually not as durable as the other types. Typically, the wires for these headphones are located in the back of the ear cups.

When you compare On-ear headphones to over-ear headphones, there are several features that you will appreciate. However, these headphones can also cost more than other kinds. There are also many additional things that you can do to customize your listening experience, such as purchasing a noise isolation feature, adding noise reduction technology, or purchasing an iPod case. If you are looking for an all-around everyday solution for your listening needs, an over-ear headphone may be perfect for you.

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