How To Use A Record Player

record player

If you are in djing business then you must have familiar with the record player.Well, it is an essential element of the whole DJ system.It is a simple apparatus for reproducing sound from records, it is round and you can spin at a constant speed. It has a stylus that slides along in the groove and generates the sound, together with an amplifier and loudspeaker.Whether you are playing your DJ at home or at any event or party, record players and DJ turntables can help you in generating awesome and epic music and sounds and those scratches and crackle sounds are epic and incomparable.

If you are new to the DJing then you have to know how to play a or how to use a record player.Thus, in this article, we will be talking about the steps you have to take to learn how to play a record player, and the lessons will be absolutely simple. Remember learning how to use a record player is the most crucial and important job if you are djing in modern technology.So that, without wasting a time let’s get it on.

All the steps of ‘’How to use a record player’’
The full procedure of the user of the record player contains mainly 5 most essential steps and those are
1-Setup of the record player
2-How to control a record player?
3-Why phono preamp is needed?
4-Playing music.
5-Stopping the music.
6-Safety measures.

⮚Set up of the record player- the first and foremost step is the set-up.Yes, you cannot just install the record player anywhere because it requires some special attention.Generally record players need flat as well as stable services. You can choose a table or a bookshelf to place it.If you want to place it in a more comfortable way then you can buy its own special unit to place it.

⮚Controlling the player- the next step is to control the player, before playing a record player please make sure that you know the proper speed.Some of the record players play at 45 RPM where some are played at 33 RPM.Well, the difference is 45 RPM records are singles and 33 RPM records are LPs.There is also 12’’ disc which generally plays remixes and they run at 45 RPM, also there are some older records which run at 78 RPM.The other thing is that there are some record players available which let you choose the size of your record automatically.

So, you can choose the size as per your need.Also, one more thing is that don’t forget to read the manual before taking any further steps.The manual will help you in the process of setting up of the tracker which used in the process of the adjustment of the tonearm on the player.It is essential to follow every suggestions and recommendation provided by the manufacturer.

⮚Requirements of the phono preampThis external system generally helps in the conversion of your player’s sound.In maximum cases, you will not need any type of phono preamp but there are some cases in which they are required.Most of the mainstream record players contain inbuilt preamp, but if your system has not one of those then don’t forget to bring one with you so that you can convert them to the line level and aux for them to work in the external speakers.

Playing the music- once you have completed all the above procedures, we ensure that you are ready to plug in.After the plug in first decide which vinyl you want to play.Then carefully place the record on the player so that the middle hole of the vinyl fits into the player’s pin.Then the next step is to fix the speed from the selector’s unit, well this technique is only available in the traditional players.
In the modern players, you will have the play or pause button, with the one press you can play it.Before playing the vinyl records don’t forget to handle the records carefully because with one mistake they will be scratched and ruined which is not good during the event or the party.

⮚Stopping the music- well it is the last step of the setup of the record player.Carefully lift the arm or the needle during the playing and stop the turntable which was spinning and return the arm to the starting position.It is that simple.But there are some cases in which the process of the stopping is automatic. So Choose the process as per the record player.

⮚Additional information- always be careful about our records, because they are easy to scratch and Once they are scratched, they are useless, so that keep that on your mind.For the additional protection, keep them in their sleeves or pouches.

With the last point, we are now at the end of our article about how to use a record player.In this full phased article, I talked to you about why a record player matters in the whole DJ Gear. list of procedures which will help you understand the setting up of the record player on the DJ system.I also gave you some of the additional information which was about the safety measure which can be taken to keep your vinyl records safe and protected.

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