How to Setup Dj Controller and Things you Need

How to set up a DJ Controller

In this modern world of music and EDM, djing has become one of the most excellent careers.With the growth and rise in the fancy beats and EDM in the music industry, the demand for DJ is increasing rapidly, and it has become unstoppable.Back in the days, playing music was only limited to the bars and parties, but in the present time, music and DJ are in every type of occasion from small ones to the big ones.

A party without a DJ is as same as a ship without a potential captain.This rapid growth in the demand for DJ is nothing but a golden opportunity for the millennial and youngsters who want to become a successful DJ just like Daft punk, DJ snake, martin garix, etc.But before fulfilling your dream of becoming a successful DJ player. First, you have to know how to set up a DJ controller.

How to set up a DJ controller and the requirements

Every club, from small ones to big ones, they have mainly two things one is CDJS, and another one is a Mixer.To set up your DJ Controller, you will need the following types of equipment

Types of equipment you will need

A DJ controller- It is an essential element, in the market, there are a lot of DJ Controllers available, but the one with which you are genuinely comfortable will be the best option.So be aware when you are buying a DJ controller.

A Laptop- for the process of synchronization with the DJ controller, a laptop is required. The connection between the Laptop and the DJ controller does most of the works like generating beats, mixing the tracks, making sound effects and other important things, so be ensure to get a good laptop with better features.

Dj software- the options of the DJ software vary with your level. In simple words if you are a beginner, then choose a simple and self-explanatory DJ software so that you can learn things quickly. In my opinion, A free compatible DJ Software will be an excellent choice for practicing and learning.

Speakers and Headsets/Headphones- For the fulfillment audio requirements speakers and headphones are needed. This is the vital point to be noted, the output of your DJing skills generally depended on this.Choose high quality speakers, which gives suitable results, base, volume control, soundcheck facilities.You also need a good pair of headphones so that you can know what you are producing and what kind of changes are required to maintain the quality of the music.

USB Connectors and RCA cables- these types of cables are required when you are dealing with electronic gadgets like DJs, speakers, controllers, etc.Always choose good quality and branded cable and keep some spare additional cable in your hand for the emergency.

SETUP OF DJ CONTROLLER:-(A step by step Guide)

The first thing you have to do is to connect the mixer with your DJ controller.

To proceed with this procedure, you have to plug your gear in.

It is always good if you took a double or triple adapter so that you can get some additional power just in case of any emergency which is (if they haven't got any extra power sockets there to plug in your Laptop or if your controller isn't USB powered to plug that in as well)

Once you've got yourself into the system, the next step is to get your DJ controller wired into the mixer.

Thus, let's take a look at the full procedure.

The system of your DJ is empty because nothing in the channel is on.

The next step is to check all the knobs are pointing up or not,

Set your knobs at the 12 o clock so that you can get an excellent place to start, also don't forget to check the fader which is down.

The down fader means nothing is going to come out into the central mix from the respective channel.

At this point, you have to get your levels on the channel the same as the DJ who is currently playing.

Additional information

The management of the wires is also necessary to avoid the messiness if you get them puzzled.Plug in the headphones and audio connectors to their ports and connect the Laptop.You can use your iPhone if you have one.The next step is to connect the speaker with your DJ controller.You won't face any problem as the wires of the speaker are colored. The only thing you have to do is to be sure that you got the connection right.

How to play a track in the DJ controller

So, now you have to start a track playing on your controller, once you can get it coming from your channel.Generally, if you have your line down the sound, then the music won't be coming out of your speaker.Thus, by using the top control or the trim or gain, you can set that as high as possible to match a level without going into the red.Now, as you are all ready, you can increase your tune on your Laptop, and you are prepared to go.


We are now at the end of our article about "how to set up a DJ controller". I also talked about the equipment you will need in the process of setting up.And I think this article will be helpful to you & I hope you will find no obstacle in setting up your DJ controller.

Hopefully you enjoyed and found this article useful, we have also covered the following guides that are handy to view, How to set up a DJ mixer, How to set up a DJ turntable and How to set up DJ speakers.

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