How to Setup a DJ Mixer and Things you Need

DJ mixer is known as an essential part of the whole DJ system.

And to know 'how to set up a DJ mixer" is as important as" how to set up a DJ controller".

DJ mixer is the equipment which helps you in mixing audio to produce good music.It is a console, which is used by the DJs to control and manipulate multiple audio signals.It also allows the player to used his/her headphones so that he can preview the next song before playing it in front of the audience.And, a DJ will not be complete without a DJ mixer, as these are known as the identification or bloodline of the DJ.Thus, these above functions of the DJ mixer make it inevitable and essential element of the whole system.However, if you do not know how to set-up a DJ mixer, then don't worry, I will help you in setting it up with the following article.

First, you have to identify the things that you are going to need the following things.

1. A DJ mixer
2. RCA cable
3. Headphones Or Headsets
4. Speakers
5. Laptop Or A Mp3 Player

A DJ mixer- it is the essential equipment in the system, the DJ MIXER generally helps in the mixing of the music. Yes, It generally controls the DJ and manipulates the audio signals so that you can produce good quality of music. It is also known as the identification or the bloodline of the whole DJ system.

A DJ controller- It is the essential element, in the market, there are a lot of DJ Controllers available, but the one with which you are genuinely comfortable will be the best option. So be aware when you are buying a DJ controller.

A Laptop- for the process of synchronization with the DJ controller, a laptop is required. The connection between the Laptop and the DJ controller do most of the works like generating beats, mixing the tracks, making sound effects and other important things, so we ensure to get a good laptop with better features.

MP3 player- In the standard word it is the substitute of the Laptop or the next best alternative. If the Laptop is not available then with the help of the mp3 player, you can play the songs, and you can manipulate the various audios with the help of the DJ mixer.

Headsets/Headphones- For the achievement of the good audio requirements, earphones or headphones are required.

This is the vital point to be noted, the output of your DJing skills generally depended on this because you have to listen to your production so that you can change the audios to produce good quality of music.

Speakers-  speakers helps you in the playing of the songs, with the help of a pair of speaker you will be able to play it in front of the audience.

Thus, Choose high-quality speakers which gives suitable results, base, volume control, soundcheck facilities.

USB Connectors and RCA cables- these type of cables are required when you are dealing with electronic gadgets like DJ mixers, speakers, controllers etc.

These are the equipment you are going to require while you are procced towards the setting up of your DJ mixer.

Steps Involved in Setup of DJ Mixer

Connecting the cables- the first thing you have to do is to connect the wires.

connect the speakers to the DJ mixer so that the audience as well as you can listen to your beats or music.And yes, be sure that you plug the audio jacks into their respective holes.It is easy as it sounds because each jack contains its respective holes with the same colour.Just match the colour, and there you go.After all, that also do not forget to check the quality of the sound.As, if the sound is not excellent or unstable r only one speaker is working then, there is some mistake

Maybe, you messed up the wires, so that clean up the mess.Then, connect the headset/ headphones to the DJ mixture and adjust or set the volume accordingly.A good pair of headphones so that you can know what you are producing and what kind of changes are required to maintain the quality of the music.

Turning on all the equipment- Now the next step is to turn on all the equipment mentioned above.

After connecting, the cables plug into the power jack, then turn on the Laptop or the MP3 player if you have any and compare them to the DJ Mixer.Choose the song you want to mix, then add effects to the song as per your choice.You can adjust the volume if you want to.Play the song and excite the audience with blasting music.

Conclusion- so we are now at the end of our post.

In this helpful article, I told you what a DJ mixer is and how important it is for your DJing performance.Then I told you about all the equipment you will need to manipulate the songs by the help of the DJ mixer.

I also gave you the two significant steps you have to undertake on" How to set up a Best DJ mixer."

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