How To Set Up A DJ Turntable

Scratching Using A Turntable

When it comes to just starting and building your DJ gear toolbox, you're not going to have the essential piece of the puzzle without a beginner's DJ turntable. 

The best beginners DJ turntable, in our opinion, is going to give you a mixture of the following.

  1. Affordability, a sturdy build to last a while as a long-term investment, the ability to scratch, and also include some new-age technological advancements to give us a combination of that "classic and old-school" DJ turntable feel while also keeping up to date with certain innovations that have come out the last few decades (think PC compatibility, etc.). 
  2. We found the main pick to get going but have also provided a few alternatives in case you felt like comparing and contrasting. Let's first look into what to keep in mind while you shop for your beginner DJ turntable.

Setups vary widely among DJs. The equipment comprising a complete setup depends on each DJ's personal preference and musical style.

Setting Up A DJ Turntable

Here is a sample setup for beginners who want the classic turntable setup:

· Two turntables (with built-in slip mats)

· DJ mixer

· Headphones

· USB/audio interface (optional)

· Monitor speakers (optional)

1. Input devices

Putting tunes together requires at least two input devices, which can either be turntables or CD decks. You can choose from a wide range of input devices that will allow you to mix tunes and mashup tracks without a pause in the music.

STANTON T.92 TURNABLE ($299.00) is a professional-quality turntable that features a direct-drive motor and built-in USB connectivity. The turntable's USB port allows for easy transferring of vinyl recordings to your Mac or PC. With features such as Pitch Control Fader with DSP Key Lock, you can control tempo without affecting pitch.

Another advanced feature of this turntable is its S-Shaped tonearm, which lowers distortion and reduces record wear. 

2. Mixer

The mixer is the core part of any professional DJ setup. It is a type of audio mixing console that allows DJs to perform different effects and tricks. DJs use the mixer to make smooth transitions between different recordings while they are spinning a set. It can also be used to play record players.

3. Headphones

High-quality headphone allows DJs to listen, cue, and mix tunes with precision. It is one of the essential tools for determining the right timing to play songs rhythmically. The equipment you use is based on your preference, but it is important to consider comfort as one of the main factors in choosing your headphones. You're going to be wearing headphones for hours on end, so you want to use a pair that not only reproduces sounds accurate, but is also comfortable to wear.

4. Sound system

Using studio monitor speakers is an excellent way for beginner DJs to hear their mixes with clarity. While Hi-Fi speakers produce high-quality sounds compared with inexpensive audio equipment, they also amplify specific frequencies that can make it difficult for beginner DJs to hear what the mix sounds.

5. Controller

Most modern DJs opt for a simpler (and easier) digital setup composed of a controller and a laptop. If you no longer use vinyl records or CDs, then purchasing a controller is the only step you need to take to create a viable DJ setup.

Controllers essentially mimic the function of turntables and mixers. They allow for easier manipulation of their chosen DJ software. It will enable you to mix music through the software with the use of knobs, encoders, jog wheels, faders, assignable backlit buttons, touch strips, and other control components.

Some best turntables are: 

1. Numark PT01 USB Turntable ($99.00)

The Numark PT01USB is a portable, AC or battery-powered turntable that converts vinyl to WAV or MP3. It makes recording and importing audio simple through the EZ Vinyl Converter 2 for PC and Audio Converter for Mac software that is included in the turntable.


· USB connection and USB cable

· Belt-drive motor

· Protective dust cover with carrying handle

· AC adapter

· Built-in speaker

· RCA connector and headphone jacks

· 45 RPM adapter

· DJ cartridges

2. Behringer DJX750 DJ 5 Channel Mixer ($199.99)

With its reasonably affordable price point, the Behringer DJX-750 is an attractive option for beginners who are building their first DJ setups. But don't let the price fool you—this 5-channel mixer has the features and functions required to serve the needs of professionals as well.


· 24-Bit effects processor

· Tactile effects control

· Two automatic BPM counters with time and beat sync display

· 45mm VCA-controlled crossfader

· 3-way frequency kill switches

· Adjustable XPQ stereo surround effect

3. Sennheiser HD 600 ($288.00)

The Sennheiser HD 600 is an audiophile-grade headphone that features a dynamic design. It is one of the best headphones for DJs (and even professional sound engineers) as it features advanced technology that allows it to reproduce accurate, high-quality sound, allowing you to hear notes in perfect clarity.

Features of DJ Turntable 

· Open metal mesh grilles

· Magnet systems that reduce harmonic and intermodulation distortion

· Lightweight aluminum voice coils

· Neodymium magnet material for excellent dynamic response

· Oxygen-free copper cable

· Detachable headphone cord

I am concluding my article with these three best mixer turntables examples according to your uses. Buy them according to your budget and requirement and set up your DJ like a pro. Aside from saving on the cost of purchasing new gear, you won't have to worry about performing regular maintenance on the equipment. Another advantage of renting is that you will be able to try out different brands (for a fraction of the cost) and see which ones you like best before taking the plunge and buying the gear you want.Check out the Top DJ Turntables out this year.

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