How To Extend The Life Of Your DJ’s Gear

How To Extend The Life Of Your DJ's Gear

I can guarantee that as a DJ you spend quite a bit of money on your equipment. It's very important to ensure that you have proper storage for everything you purchase so that when you decide to upgrade or replace something, you won't have to dig through the bottom of your kit to find the screws or the nuts. Here's a quick and straightforward guide on how to extend the life of your DJ gear.
There are plenty of brands, models, and variations to choose from when it comes to DJ gear. There are hundreds of different DJs and their various abilities and uses. You'll find that not all DJs use the same kind of gear. If you've ever seen a DJ in a club or clubbing atmosphere, you will notice that some DJs tend to be using some DJ gear and equipment while others are seen to be using the same brands and variations of equipment in a different style.

For example, some DJs find vinyl an excellent way to mix music. Some DJs, however, prefer to use CDJs as opposed to vinyl. Vinyl is perfect for playing sounds, but it lacks the high fidelity and tone that a good DJ recording should have. On the other hand, a DJ recording made from vinyl will not have the distortion and other noises often associated with vinyl records that made them undesirable for DJ use.

Now, many DJs prefer to use DJ decks and mixer units and DJ software platforms such as Serato DJ. Serato DJ was developed by three very experienced and talented DJs who created the software in the late '90s to simplify the complex process of sequencing a song and creating an excellent DJ mix. Serato DJ was designed to make the process of mixing tracks a great deal easier for even the most inexperienced DJs. Today, Serato DJ is still a firm favorite with many professional DJs around the world.

Other factors that can affect your equipment choices include size and weight. These can affect the way a DJ performs and their ability to take their music on the road with them. However, there are some great lightweight DJ mixers available that can be stored easily in your DJ bag. These slim and light models are great for both home use and travel purposes.

One aspect that you may want to consider is the controller that you need. DJ mixers come in two main types those that are USB MIDI and those that are direct input/output (DIN). You will need to decide which kind of control is more appropriate for you and your preferred music style. In general, the DJ looking to impress will opt for a mixer with more controls than those who want to keep it simple. Most DJ mixers have four or five main effects, a bass tone, a boost, and a mid-range tone. Some less expensive models also offer products like compression, echo, and even ring modulation.

A popular model these days is the Traktor Kontrol. This DJ controller is ideal for both amateur and professional DJs alike. Its user-friendly interface and onboard audio interface make it one of the most popular and versatile pieces of electronic equipment on the market today.

For even the most seasoned musician, having a good set of headphones is essential to ensure that everything is crystal clear. Headphones allow you to hear each of your DJ gear like never before and will enable you to practice and rework without concern for feedback or other noise. No matter what model of DJ mixer you choose, there is a plethora of products available to improve and customize your set. Whether you're looking to purchase new equipment or spruce up your existing set with upgraded speakers and more, there is a full range of DJ mixers out there to meet your needs.

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