How to Become DJ as a Career Opportunity

How to Become DJ Guide - DJ creates the music or trance by mixing sounds, for playing in a party or radio channels, by using various kinds of DJ equipment like a mixer, bass tube, equalizer, tape desk, laptop, etc. One person or a team can do this work, based on the level of function or event and the DJ's economy. 

The main work of DJ jockey is to please down the crowd with their created music, and this can be only done when: 

  • DJ has excellent knowledge of music. 
  • Various popular tracks, 

And knowing what the people or public want to listen to.Gone are the days when the only career options seemed to be engineering, medical, and CA. Now, there are a wide variety of fun (and successful) careers that you can opt for so that working becomes enjoyable and less like a chore.

Do you Love tapping your feet to music and dancing about to rhythmic beats?

Creating such music requires an entirely different level of skills, creativity, and artistry, and they are ones that DJs and Sound Producers possess.The term DJ began as a short form of disc jockey and referred to those persons who play recorded music (or discs) professionally at events such as parties and clubs. A sound producer, on the other hand, is a person who records music, with or without singers, in a professional studio, producing sound which can then be played later on.

Both roles are based on a love of music, but while DJs play pre-recorded music, sound producers create fresh music with DJ controller or DJ headphones . These days, DJs can also be audio producers and vice versa, so you can choose which role suits you or if you would like to combine the roles.

Types of DJ:

There are two types of DJ, known as 

  • Radio Jockey, commonly known as RJ 
  • And Disc Jockey, the DJ. 


This field doesn't need any specific degree for qualification. It's all about your passion and knowledge about music and sound system. While in some places, they can ask for a graduate degree. Graduation In journalism can be a plus point for this job. If you wish to learn the DJ, you can join many short term DJ certificate courses. But at last, your knowledge and passion for music will pay for it. 

Skills Needed:

  • A good personality, with a great choice of music, love, and passion for music, 
  • Good knowledge of music systems, volume control, bass head, connection making, sound testing, etc. 
  • Beat mixing and phrasing also the primary point of this job. Sufficient knowledge about the terminology related to music and sound.
  • Sufficient knowledge about music DJ Software

Related to DJ:

Presently in India, no college or university provides full-time degree courses, but in the future may be chances are possible for this field. May private institutions are available for short term diploma courses in major cities. These areas follow: 

  • I Love Music Academy, Gurgaon   

Courses available- Pro DJ (3 months, part-time) 

And DJ producer (9 months, part-time)

Website –

  • Global DJ Music Production and DJ Training Academy, Mumbai
  • –
  • Jazzy Joe -  Oldest DJ academy of India, 



Club DJs are self-employed artists, work in freelancer networks. But if you want to get a job in this field not to worry, many clubs and parties or event organizers hire their DJs. 

  • It can start from 20k per month to 80k based on experience. Annually it comes — 2.5 lakh INR to 10 lakhs INR. 
  • In the case of self-employed no limit or fixed income, after all, you're your boss. Since it needs an investment in starting, but it's a tremendous fun-loving job if you're passionate about it.  


  • Is a popular hobby for many of us, but if it's more than just a hobby for you and you want to turn your love for music into a profession, becoming a DJ or sound producer are popular options. There are a variety of career options in each of the fields, and you can also become a DJ and sound producer both if you want.
  • The field of music professionally is a risk, so if you have any doubts, consider career counseling to finalize your choices

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