13 Best Free DJ Software Apps (Updated March 2022)

In DJing business, many things play important roles when it comes to improving your DJing skill or your DJing performance, and among those things, DJ software is the essential one, but when those DJ software are available for free, then that’s the real jackpot.

In this article, I am going to describe several free DJ software that is available for absolutely free and will help you in the development of your DJing skill as well as your career.

Which means to get that fantastic software, you don’t have to spend a penny out of your pocket. Without wasting a second, let’s jump into this post and know the best free DJ software platform and what kind of service or facilities do they provide so you can download and test for your requirements. 

Here are the 13 Best Free Dj Software Applications And Software


Zulu DJ Software


Our first software is known as the Zulu DJ, the main function or the main motive of the ZULU DJ is to mix your music in life while you are applying effects on the fly with the real-time pitch, tempo adjustments, track crossfading, beat syncing, and many more.

If you are a beginner to the DJing business and you want to learn the art of mixing your music, then this is the free application you must try because it will help you in mixing your music while you are living. In case you need more additional audio files, tools, or any effects, then you can use third-party VST plugins if you are interested.


Kramixer DJ Software


The purpose of the Kramixer is to provide you with a decent audio performance or in the simple words ‘’High-quality audio performance’’. Here they use the technology of FMOD sound engine, which is also known as the fastest sound engine that exists in the world.

This software is equipped with the advance BPM, which is fully automatic, and it blends perfectly with the inbuilt sound effects. In a nutshell, it is pretty excellent and genuine DJ software that can help you, but just one thing before using this software just read it’s license agreement because the application comes with the spyware or the malware programs.

Just be ensure you remove those and run an additional adware removal software after installing. Right now, the Windows version of this software is available to download for free.


DJMix Lite software


DJ Mix Lite is also known as one of the best DJ software which is available for free.

This software is exclusively designed to play any music continuously with the crossfading effect and beat-matching effects mix between the songs. This software has inbuilt beat lock management technology that makes your beat-aware.

And the main thing is that this software does not alter your sound files, it just analyses the songs to find the beats. It is fully automatic so that the only thing you have to do is to fill your playlist with the songs, and then you are ready to go. You can edit the length and the position of your song.


DJProdecks Software


DJ Prodecks is a platform that supports a high range of audio formats, which are input formats. This software supports the WMA, FLA, AAC, MP3, and MP2, WAV. You are allowed to use any professional DJ controller with the DJ products while using up to 3 effects per deck simultaneously. And, those effects include chooo, flanger, and wah.

With the effects, you will also get three memory banks per deck for holding the cue points and the loops, as well as 3 sample slots per deck for one-shot effects. This software also includes the other or additional handy features like an an an auto loop, auto mix, real-time EQ, AUTO DECK SYNC which based on the tempo and the auto beat detection.

A music library with support is also available for using your computer keyboard as the controller.


YouDJ Software


YouDJ desktop app is one of the most excellent free DJ Programs available in the world. The system of the young might seems a bit innovative and complicated, but it is straightforward to use. The main motive or the primary purpose of the young is to mix your songs. It helps the young, and you can mix any tune or song, there are plenty of songs which are pre-loaded within software.

And they have store credits loud-baa a sed system, but if you want a song which is not available in the young, then you can search the title of such song in the SoundCloud or import that from the youtube. I can assure you that you will be surprised by the functionality and the features which are available on the YOUDJ djing software.


CuteDJ Pro


Cute dj Pro is brand new DJ software that is available for free. The main function or the primary motive of this software is to mixing the songs. Along with this application or the software whatever you call it. It also allows you to play your digital music collection and control it using your software or the hardware controller.

And the thing is that the cute is available for use in both windows and the apple users and I can assure you that you will never be disappointed. This software offers a 3 days free trial. In this period, you can test the software for 20 minutes per session, which is the time to analyze whether the software is right for you or not.

Now let’s talk about the software as the layout of the software is very simple and traditional as it looks as same as the other DJ software programs. The primary facility which is provided by the cute DJ software is it can mix any audio, the video even it can mix the karaoke.

The files which are supported by the cute DJ software are as described below.

Mp3, m4a, WMA, aac, Ogg, Wav, FLAC, AIFF and many more. This DJ software also includes graphic eq, effects, audio units, etc.


MixxDJ Software


Mixxx generally used for song mixing and other exciting and beneficial features. One thing which is new about this DJ software is it is a freemium product as the free facilities are limited, but once you downloaded it, I can assure you that you will never be disappointed.

First of all, this DJ software can be used on any device, whether it is windows, apple or Linux it does not matter. Some of the incredible features of this incredible software are mixing the songs, FX changing, RGB waveform, harmonic mixing, or key detection.

In the end, I can tell you that this mix DJ software provides all the things and the facilities you will ever need to start with your first DJ gig, and the fantastic thing is that it is free.


Virtual DJ Home


Virtual DJ is also known as one of the most excellent DJ software in the world. This is ancient DJ software that was known as the Atomix mp3, but with the lapse of time, it has changed. Usually, this is a paid DJ software, but you can get a free version of this.

With the help of this software, you can stream reliable music from different music sources, and this software has the support of up to 99 decks, which is very convenient for the djing. It also has the facility for mixing a video, which is very uncommon among the other DJ software.

Another thing which you should know is you can not remove the watermark of the virtual DJ home if you are using its free version. But if you are using its premium or the paid version, then you can export your creation, or you can download your project without its watermark or the logo.

So, in a nutshell,l, it is a fantastic software with all the latest technology and facilities which will help you in the development of your djing skill.

9. MixVibes Cross DJ

MixVibes Cross DJ Software


Some of it’s primary, or the lead functions and features are it has two decks, it has beat detection, it has 3 band equalizers and the main thing that this software provides you many different types of audio effects which is very uncommon among the other DJ software And, you don’t have to be panic if you are an apple user or window user, as this software works or supported in both operating systems

This software also provides you with other features and facilities like audio players, video players, audio samplers, video samplers, video effects, text titling, image titling, and many more. Along with these facilities, this MixVibes Cross DJ has also beat grid editing, a head-up display, master out limiter, recording, interface customization. Midi mapping, multi-controller support, etc.


Ultramixer DJ Software


The primary purpose of this UltraMixer DJ software is the mixing of the audio files, and it also provides some of the most fabulous additional facilities and features. Ultra mixer is mainly for the professional DJ players, and it comes with two types of versions.

  1. Premium or the paid version 

      2. Free version.

It is you have to decide whether you want the home basic, which is free of cost or the pro entertain, which is the premium or the paid version.

And, the exciting fact about this software is that you can use this software whether you are a mac book user or a window user it does not matter because it supports both the operating system.

This DJ software offers full control over the audio, video, image, files, and along with that, it also allows you to remix them all at one time. It also allows you to mix the video files, which is a fantastic feature of this application or the software. This DJ software consists of the modern time interface, which is very advance as well as easy to understand and operate. This interface is entirely user-adjustable with the different types of skins and widgets.

The additional or the extra features which are provided by this DJ software are

  1. Live text function
  2. The text over shown images and videos
  3. 16 channel sampler
  4. 31 band equalizer
  5. Smart looping with eight hot cue buttons

The interesting facts about this software are that this software or the application can be controlled by your mouse and keyboard, which makes it more convenient, along with that this software also supports the midi controller, which is very comfortable for the hands-on control.

A smartphone application is available for this DJ software to control the software during an emergency remotely. With the help of that mobile application or controller, you can control the music, you can control the music player, and you can increase the volume, transitions, sampler functions.


Serato DJ software


Serato DJ Intro 1.3.0 is also known as one of the best and easy to use DJ software which is available for free absolutely. The main or the principal purpose of this DJ software is the mixing of the music or the audio as it has excellent mixing features.

The basic set up or the installation of this free DJ program includes four decks complete with a full-color waveform, which represents bass, mid and treble audio frequencies. Along with those facilities, it also provides a high-quality mixer feature, which is very flexible when it comes to the integration with the different music sources like I tunes, Sound clouds, etc.

In a nutshell, the software is quite easy to use, or you can say it is very user-friendly, and it has a unique ability, which is it can lock up to 4 tracks at one time to give the right remix. Other additional features that are provided by this DJ programs free are like the sample player, which can help you in the adding of the samples simultaneously.

With the help of this sample player, you can add up to 4 extra samples at one time, and you can do this when you are mixing your main track in real-time.

Furthermore, you can rename your cues and loops which are available, and you can quantize them so that they can match perfectly with the beat. Along with this, you can also create track groups with the help of your keyboard, genre, tempo, or other rules, which are also known as the ‘’smart crates’’.

This software also includes two deck practice modes, 64-bit support for better performance or better production, stable performance, etc. There are also other premium facilities and features which are included with the Serato DJ intro but to avail those services and features you have to purchase or by the premium or the paid version of this fantastic software ‘’Serato DJ INTRO’’.

So, in a nutshell, if you need a cheap DJ controller and want to start testings, this DJ software can be the best choice for you.

12. Serato DJ Lite

Serato DJ Lite Software


This software is built on the Serato DJ Lite technology, which is very advance and pro in nature as it gives better performance than it’s competitors. First of all, this DJ software Is free, and if you want to use this software, then the first thing you have to do is to match the specifications of your pc o laptop with the required specification.

In ordinary words, you will be able to use this software if you have supported hardware. The primary function of this software is to mixing the audios without any device connected.

This free windows DJ program includes many free features and fantastic facilities which are- 2 deck practice mode, genuine and easy to use interface so that s average person can use this software. It also supports screens which have a high resolution or the full HD resolution.

It also has 64-bit support, which is better for the performance and the excellent production of the music, and due to this 64-bit support, the performance of the software remains stable, which is a great thing along with these features, the LED light show feature which is in the trending right now.

13. Audacity

Audacity DJ Software


Audacity is known as one of the popular software for music editing, which is available for free, and there is no premium version of this software. This software, which is known as the audacity, has many purposes like mixing the music, editing the music, clearing the background noise, which is very annoying, it also converts the tapes and records into files.

You can record kind of music, mixtape, beat in the 320 KBS version, which is very clear and reliable to hear. The interface of this software is very understandable and dependable as you can use it easily. You have to click on things and different options so that you can learn how to use this fantastic software, which is called the audacity.

These are all the free DJ software that is available in the world right now.


Now we are at the end of this article called ‘’best free DJ software’’.

And in the above article, I gave a described information about at least 13 best free DJ software that is available for you on the internet. Some of the software has both the free version and the premium version.

And, I can assure you that the software which is described in the above article will help you in finding the best DJ software which is suitable for you and your djing skill and career. And that software will help you in taking your DJing skill to another level so that you can blast any event or the dance floor.

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