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Are you wondering what equipment do you actually need to DJ?  Let's start with the main equipment that should be present in any DJ’s system: DJ mixer, DJ headphones, a couple of speakers, a memory card or a USB memory stick with your music and finally some cables. This setup is preferred by many club DJs, but how to make it work? We'll show you in the coming section below. isn’t like any other DJ review site out there. Unlike other DJ review sites who simply copy and paste product reviews through customer feedback, we honestly test out the products and take into consideration several fine points before placing a product on our list. 

Our mission is to help you in finding the best DJ equipment in the market. For this purpose, we continuously research the market and review customer feedback on the top trending products. Our aim is to minus the research time and the headache you have to endure during product searching, by giving you a simple list of best DJ equipment. We understand that this is a serious responsibility and, hence, we have a team of professional DJs and audiophiles who give test out a given product and then share their reviews. Any product that is mentioned on our website has passed our stringent tests in terms of sound quality, performance, and durability.  

We do all the research for you. This is the only aim of our website. Through our work, you will be able to save a lot of time and make the DJ equipment buying process a lot simpler. The time you save can now be spent time producing innovative music and setting the stage on fire. 

1. Trusted brands

We only list the best DJ equipment from brands that are trustable and have a proven track record. This ensures that our readers are provided with information about only excellent products from quality brands.

2. Testing out features

 All products claim to be the best. We actually test out their features and see if their claims are true. The products make our list only after they have passed our stringent tests and performed well with regards to their features. 

3. Customer feedback

While we trust our panel with product testing and reviewing, we also take into account the general feedback of the users of any DJing equipment. This leaves no chance of any poor product making through to our list.

Create Your Own DJ System Through BestDJReview

In this section, you will learn how to create your own DJ system. We will be using a DJ controller, DJ mixerDJ turntablesDJ speakersDJ software and DJ Headphones. All the equipment can be researched on our website:

  • We're going to be needing a DJ controller and a DJ mixer. Before you start make sure that the power button on your equipment is switched off.
  • Now let's connect it up to the mixer. We're going to use the Dj controller input on two central channels.
  • The DJ mixer and DJ controller are powered by the same kind of cable. Let's connect the power cables.
  • Let's get the audio leads and check available outputs on the mixer. We have got the main master output, master to and record out which we can use for recording our set on a separate recorder. There are also left to right booth output, which you can use for monitor speakers.
  • Let's plug an XLR cable into the right output and the second one into the left output. And now we can run these cables to the rocket speakers with built-in amplifier.
  • It's time to turn all the gear on. Leave the speakers off and turn on the mixer and see DJ's first. When they powered up, make sure that we have all the right inputs selected. Turn the knobs to the right input, which in our case is the DJ controller line on channels two and three.
  • Turn on your speakers in order to play tracks. We will have to connect a link cable to allow us to draw music across the DJ controller. Locate the link port on the back of a DJ controller and plug the network cable in to connect both players.
  • Now we are ready to load some tracks, set the player to USB and link it to the second player. Now you have the same library available on the controller and mixer.
  • To manipulate your music more efficiently, you can connect your DJ controller to a DJ software.
  • For better hearing, we recommend you to have a pair of headphones connected to your controller.

We really hope that this website serves its purpose of guiding DJs of all backgrounds and from all over the globe to get access to the best DJing equipment, without having to spend hours and hours in research. We know the nervous feeling when you are spending money on a product you don’t really know much about. With our reviews, you will no longer have to suffer through anxiety and nervousness, as we take out the guesswork from your DJ equipment shopping.

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